13. Setting up tests in Google Optimize

It’s finally time to start A/B testing! There are several tools that you can choose from, but here we will go through the free tool Google Optimize and how you can be up and running within a few minutes. 

Setting up tests in Google Optimize

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Why Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is an easy to use experimentation platform. The tool is ideal for testing mobile sites because...

Unified product

Unified product: With Optimize, you get four capabilities in one product — measurement, audience targeting, testing and personalisations. Optimize is built on top of Google Analytics to ensure that you’re consistently using the same metrics to measure the effectiveness of your experiments as well as user behaviour.


Consistent measurement: Leverage your investment in Google Analytics, creating one source of truth for tracking and reporting.


Powerful targeting capabilities: Target your Optimize experiences to specific customers based on Google Analytics information or your own internal data.

Ease of use

Ease of use: Optimize is designed to be used by everyone. The visual editor and integrations into Google Analytics and Google Ads make it simple to get started and drive business impact.


How to set up a Google Optimize account


Link an Optimize container with your Google Analytics account. This can be found in the “container setup” section after selecting a Container within an Account.

Google Optimize


Once linked, implementation is a one-time adjustment to the Google Analytics snippet that is on the site. Advertisers can find the required snippet in the Optimize interface once a new container is set up.

Optimize snippet


After deploying the code, clients can also enable their Google Ads accounts to be linked to Optimize to more easily target ad click traffic. This is done within the Google Ads interface under “Linked Accounts”.


How to start testing

1. Make the site change

Use the visual editor to make changes to the text and layout of your site.

Step 1

2. Target your experience

Specify which site visitors will see your test.

Step 2

3. Measure your test

Using GA data, you determine which Goals will measure effectiveness.

Step 3

4. You're all set

The experiment will now start and you can follow the progress in the “Reporting” tab.



Start A/B testing your mobile site today

Google Optimize is a free tool that will help you begin A/B testing today. Get testing to start delivering more mobile conversions.

Google optimize


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