5. Qualitative research

Pinpointing where users become frustrated on your mobile site will help improve the experience and generate more conversions. Understanding behaviour is key. This means listening and learning from real people. The majority of businesses miss out on these valuable insights from real users. In this chapter we’ll look at qualitative mobile research and how to carry out simple usability tests.

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Qualitative research

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How to carry out quick usability tests

Do you want to know how to increase conversions? Then you need to know how people interact with your site – what makes them frustrated and what helps them. This is how you find out!

Give an assignment

1. Give an assignment

Assign a specific task to the user, depending on the type of site you have. For example, if you have a retail site ask the tester to find themselves the perfect winter coat. By asking them to find something they like activates their cognitive purchase process and makes the test more genuine.

Honesty rules

2. Honesty rules

Let the tester know that you need them to think aloud and be honest regarding their thoughts and feelings. Tell them that they won't hurt your feelings – on the contrary, they're doing you a favor by letting you know.

Record the session

3. Record the session

Make sure you ask the tester to record his or her screen so you can see how they navigate and make it possible for them to perform the test alone in their home. Screen recording is available in the control panel or using an app.

5 is the magic number

4. 5 is the magic number

Try to carry out at least 5 usability tests per month. Then watch the video recordings with your team.

Summarize the findings

5. Summarize the findings

Document what people liked and disliked about your mobile site, along with any ideas and problems to resolve.


Exercise: 5 tests per month

Gather insights by getting started today. Ask 5 people per month to perform a task on your site and watch the screen recordings with your team. To try it out quickly, you can ask friends and relatives — as long as they don’t use your site on a regular basis.

Five tests a month

Later on you can move on to more advanced techniques including eye tracking and with the help from an agency. But don’t let that hold you up for now, try to gather as many insights as possible by simply asking people you know and watch them use your site.



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Now let’s take a look at quantitative research in chapter 6!

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Quantitative research

Quantitative research