4. Importance of mobile experience

It’s almost time to dive into mobile design. In the upcoming chapters of Win on Mobile, we will examine each of the stages of Conversion Rate Optimisation — but before we jump in let’s make sure your business is prepped! 

Mobile experience

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How to get your business ready for Conversion Rate Optimization

Mobile design

1. Focus on mobile design

When your team is planning a new design or campaign — design it, test it, and review it on mobile. This is how most of your audience will experience it.

KPI to achieve

2. Set a KPI to achieve as high of a conversion rate on mobile as on desktop

Divide your mobile conversion rate with your desktop conversion rate and let the "relative mobile conversion rate" help you track how your mobile site is getting stronger or weaker. Since the same campaigns and seasons affect both mobile and desktop, this metric will allow you to only see how the mobile site improves. The average for large ecommerce businesses in the US is 53%* – so set a target of 60% or 70%!

(*) Source: Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly, Aug 2018

Conversion rate

3. Staff up for working with Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the process for researching and evaluating your site, creating hypotheses on how to improve it, and then testing them to see if real users respond positively or not. Using A/B tests and UX, your business can base decision making on data. Recruit a CRO agency or staff up.

Your business is now prepped for Conversion Rate Optimization. In the upcoming chapters, we’ll deep-dive into how the operational teams can evaluate your business’ mobile site!

Let’s get going with qualitative research in chapter 5.

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Qualitative research

Qualitative research