2. Importance of speed

Consumer expectations on mobile have grown. And rapid load times are crucial for securing more mobile conversions. In the second chapter of our series, we look at why speed is so important and how you can improve your mobile site’s performance.

Importance of speed

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The challenge: the need for speed


Source: DoubleClick by Google, 2016

4G availability worldwide

4G coverage and reliable WiFi connections vary from region to region. Some visitors will be accessing your site using 3G or even 2G. To meet mobile expectations, it’s important to understand how all of your customers experience your site.

Source: Open Signal. Understand and improve mobile signal.

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How fast is your mobile site?

Use the Test My Site tool and discover how your site performs. If you don't get a good result then it’s time to make some changes.

Mobile speed


How to get great at speed

So how can you improve your mobile load times? You will need help from several departments and their joint efforts in solving these tasks:

Analytics team

Analytics team: Make speed a KPI

Speed has a direct impact on conversions. Follow the curve for conversion rates and the curve for Load Times/Speed Index. Make it central to your business’ goals and set up tracking of the bounce rates and load times for key landing pages.

Creative team

Creative team: Set a performance budget

Your engineers can't solve speed alone. Give your creative team a performance budget and challenge them to limit each page to 1MB. Less page weight gives better speed which gives more conversions.


Developers: Optimise code & use tech innovation

Give your developers the time and resources it takes to fix speed. There are also lots of modern web technology out there that can help with improving page performance, like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Success story

Better speed improves conversion rates and bounce rate. When TUI in the Nordics improved speed the correlation with lower bounce rate was clear, resulting in that bounce rate decreased 31%. Bounce rate show how many visitors leave after just seeing one page.

Read the case on Think with Google about how TUI changed the organization to set it up for speed success. 

And also, here you can find an exclusive blog post from TUI Lead Frontend Developer, Emil Wiklund, where he explains the technical optimizations that the developers have done. Share this knowledge with your developers!

Mobile bounce rate
31 bouncerate

Let’s learn more about how modern web technology.

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