9. Urgency, relevance and reducing distraction

Persuasion techniques like urgency can help motivate mobile consumers to take action. When used with relevance and reduced distractions they can be a powerful tool for increasing conversions. 

Urgency, relevance, reducing distraction

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The majority of us like to consider ourselves as rational decision makers. But research has shown that other factors are at play when it comes to making a purchase — brand, following authority, creating consumer identity and, as we’ve seen on many sites, urgency and how it taps into consumers’ Fear Of Missing Out.


Robert Cialdini

People want more of those things they can have less of.

Robert B. Cialdini,
Influence at Work


💡 A/B test using urgency

Remember, different behaviour types will respond differently to persuasion techniques. Understand what triggers your visitors by A/B testing the following methods:

✓   Limited editions
✓   Show low stock 
✓   Have a countdown to when sale ends


Success story

Lyst added “Hurry! This item is selling fast” to product pages and conversions increased by 27% — evidence that urgency can be designed elegantly to fit with your brand and retain power.

Read the complete success story here.

Urgency tactics can nudge consumers into taking action by using FOMO. Read more about persuasion techniques on Robert B. Cialdini’s website and in his book “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion”.

Lyst before


Lyst after




Urgency alone won’t work if your site isn’t relevant. When consumers are searching for something they use a pattern matching mind frame, where they scan and look for patterns or words that reflect their search.

Fashion shoes


💡 A/B test adding key product information

Relevance means giving consumers the exact information that they need. On product pages, make sure you have:

Delivery time

Delivery time

Free delivery

Free delivery/cost

Free returns

Free returns/return policy

Product details

Product details


Reduce distraction

If a visitor is bombarded with chat-bots, newsletter subscriptions and or prompts to share on social media, they will become distracted from the primary purpose – the purchase. Tough decisions have to be made. Decide what your primary goals are and adapt your pages to help consumers find what they want.

If you want more conversions, don’t distract your visitors from that goals.

Distracted robot

💡 A/B test reducing distraction

Mobile consumers are often in a hurry. Remove any unnecessary bells and whistles to streamline the purchase funnel.


✓   Remove pop-ups

✓   Make sure chat boxes don’t get in the way

✓   Have a clear hierarchy in place that helps visitors to focus on finding and purchasing


Exercise: Relevance check

Use Google Search Console to find out how people are searching for your business. Do your site’s landing pages use the same search queries and information? Mirroring relevant search terms can reassure visitors that they're in the right place.



Start A/B testing your mobile site today

Google Optimize is a free tool that will help you begin A/B testing today. Get testing to start delivering more mobile conversions.


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