10. Reducing purchase anxiety

Purchase anxiety can be high when buying online — especially when lack of space can make comparisons more difficult on mobile. This is how you can reduce anxiety in the most challenging of phases.

Reducing purchase anxiety

The 3 e-commerce anxiety peaks

The typical consumer often experiences purchase anxiety during three stages of online shopping.

Graph 1

💡 A/B test adding reviews

Genuine product reviews can help the consumer find the right product that meets their specific needs. Reviews also act as a persuasion technique, reassuring with social proof that real people vouch for the product’s quality.

Revolution Race
Customer rating


💡 A/B test adding a product comparison

Product comparison is crucial for making difficult purchase decisions. Avoid making visitors scroll or swipe between pages when comparing products — forcing them to memorise different product specs. Read the Nielsen Norman Group research on how to use product comparison tables on mobile.

Comparison 1
Comparison 2
Comparison 3



Comparisons must be enforced within the scope of the eye span

Edward Tufte,
Statistician and professor


💡 A/B test free delivery, free returns and clarifying your delivery date

61% of visitors will abandon a purchase if there are extra shipping costs at the checkout*. Remove the fees and calculate if the increase in conversions will cover the extra costs.

Filippa Phone

(*) The Average Checkout Flow Has 14.88 Form Fields Twice as Many as Necessary, 2016, Baymard Institute


💡 A/B test simplifying the checkout process

27% of purchases are abandoned because of long or complicated checkout processes. A simple checkout can lead to big wins. Try the following:

Checkout as guest

Allow visitors to checkout as guests

Need details

State why you need an email or phone number
(e.g. delivery)

Numeric keyboard

Use numeric keyboard triggers for numbers and fields text keyboard for text input

Remove unnecessary

Remove all unnecessary fields


💡 A/B test using Google Pay to get close to one-click buying

Emojis are popular because typing on mobile devices can be tedious. Yet many online stores still require shoppers to type 120 taps in average on a small screen before completing a purchase. With Google Pay, visitors can complete their purchase with just a few taps of their screens.


Average amounts of taps for a checkout:


Required taps with
Google Pay:


Google Pay is a free service that allows visitors to be logged in and pay with just a few clicks — read more here.

Logged in and ready to pay
One API that enables web & app
Integrate in just a few days
Available globally
Checkout in a few clicks
Higher conversion rates
Future proof
No fees
Google Pay



Start A/B testing your mobile site today

Google Optimize is a free tool that will help you begin A/B testing today. Get testing to start delivering more mobile conversions.

Google optimize


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